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Karl here. I’m the founder of One Job Per Child, and I’d like to talk to you about the developments that have been happening with us. But first, let me introduce myself and the background of OJPC. When I graduated college, I made the decision to be self employed. I knew my strength – I’m a problem solver. Ever since, I’ve owned numerous businesses, including marketing companies and a real estate brokerage. But I’ve always wanted to do something that made a strong impact on the lives of people, which eventually culminated in OJPC.

I saw the gap in solutions being applied to the developing world – it’s been the focus of innumerable development programs, aid systems, and charitable work, yet most of the existing schemes like micro loans, direct investment schemes, and literacy ventures tend to treat only one symptom while ignoring the root of the problem. The solution had to be such that opportunities could be generated and choice preserved; that is, that people would leave the past behind and lift themselves into the future.

So in 2007, I began to see the opportunities in outsourcing labor for my real estate practice. Virtual Assistants became a go-to resource for me well into 2010, my experience showed that oversees employees possessed amazing talent to problem-solve as well as to create better systems and standards of work than corresponding U.S. employees. Even more amazingly, the younger employees with NO prior experience produced the best results. How was this even possible?While I never found an exact answer to this question, one thing became abundantly clear: the intellectual capacity and drive of these kids was mind-blowing. This marked the birth of OneJobPerChild.

As you can imagine, I’m incredibly excited that all our research and hard work is finally coming together in 2013. I’ve been working closely with Asim Shahzad, who is building our web platform. We’re also streamlining the links between ODesk, the world’s largest online workplace, and LiveMocha, which hosts their Instructor-Led Solution for the teaching of English.

I hope this post has helped you guys understand us a bit better, and what we’re progressing towards now. I’m really excited. I hope you are too.

- Karl 

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