Greetings for the first time from the team here at One Job Per Child, fair readers!

You’re probably here because you have an interest in being an active global citizen. Or to put it simply, you care about the other people living on this planet aside from yourself. For that, we’re just glad to be meeting with other like-minded individuals.

Admittedly, there are lots of different ways of helping people. But here at OJPC, we’ve all agreed that the foundation for sustainable social change is to empower people. Which is why you see us helping kids accrue skills and then gainful employment; it’s why we’re talking to you right here, right now. We don’t believe in a top-down approach, but in working together with every individual in an equal partnership.

One of our main features at OJPC is the ability to track a kid’s progress in attaining the stipulated skills. It’s completely online and in real-time so our donors can see exactly where there money has gone, and how far their kid has come. We can even track our kids’ earnings against the poverty line in their community and when they crack it! How exciting is that?

Right now though, OJPC is self-funded by our founder, backed up by a team that’s working for free. Hopefully, donations will be able to fund the building of our online platform and pay for 1,000 kids to learn through our partnership with LiveMocha. So if you’d like to help out some kids that are poised to make a difference, please donate!

Lastly, please feel free to send us your comments, and any feedback you might have on our cause, campaign, or even our website. We’d love to hear from you.


- Marie, Public Relations Director


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