What’s it like working for an organization like One Job Per Child? Exciting and full of wonder are just a few ways to describe the experience! As someone who has been a full time student for years now, employment in my field has been more of a distant assumption than a reality. I went to University of Oregon for several aimless years without knowing what I was truly passionate about, then by chance I took a class about international social development. I became enthralled with the idea of knitting together cultural knowledge, entrepreneurship, and education to improve lives in the developing world. I’m currently finishing up my degree at Portland State University and though it seems surreal after so long chasing the dream, I will graduate this spring.

When I snagged a spot as an intern for One Job Per Child I had no clue what to expect, and when founder Karl Hartley first gave me his spiel I was a bit overwhelmed! Karl described to me his dream of OJPC being an organization that gives teens the tools to not only gain employment, but to gain employment that would get them out of poverty! He went on to explain fresh new concepts on fundraising and partnership ideas that were quite ingenious, and further cemented the coming success of OJPC. I thought to myself, how can one organization encompass so many concepts and ideals, especially being so new to the game? What confounded me even further was that Karl made it all actually make sense! He wasn’t scared of failure; in fact he didn’t even acknowledge the possibility. All of those who work for OJPC are massively heartfelt individuals who literally will not let this organization fail.

I’ve been collaborating on our social media and crowdfunding  as of late, which has been both interesting and challenging for me. As a young person in a technology soaked culture, I know how hard it is to produce unique and engaging material to pique the interest of potential followers and partners. I know most people have “seen it all before,” so I’ve been doing a lot of research and brainstorming about how to keep our material fresh and relevant to our audience. My main goal and focus in working with our social media has been to create something that is more than just skimming material for our followers! I hope to provide readers with pertinent facts, recommendations, and deals to make it worth their while.

I love my job at one job per child not only because I have been encouraged to be innovative and independent, but because everyone at OJPC is that way as well!That’s what keeps me energized with OJPC. Every person I have had the privilege to work with is fully committed and truly believes in the OJPC cause. This is not like any organization, nonprofit, or business I’d even known of, and that’s because it’s not! OJPC is not short term fix offering a sack of grain or tempory Because of the things I’ve learned from my team, I now have the same commitment and trust in the cause.


- Kayla, Media Intern

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