Hey everyone,

I’m Kristin, Vice President of One Job Per Child. As a longtime counselor, my passion lies with helping children. Which is why I’m especially excited about empowering the students in OJPC to change themselves; to give themselves the opportunity to discover and realize their potential.

Right now, I’m working on applying for startup grants and fellowships through Echoing Green, a springboard for realizing contributions to solving the world’s biggest problems, and local initiatives in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, I’m concentrating developing our training materials for NGOs who buy our license. I can’t wait to work with all these other NGOs and expand our accessibility to kids that have all this potential just waiting to be unleashed.

OJPC is really growing by leaps and bounds, and our hard work is finally paying off. I hope that we can get to know you guys through feedback and comments. Can’t wait to hear from you.

- Kristin

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